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Saying Thank You

We all know that showing our appreciation is important. Some of us say thank you often and easily; some don’t. We’re always in such a hurry that sometimes it is difficult to stop to show our gratitude to someone […]

How to Keep Highly Satisfied Customers

The other day I was at a party, and there was a stand-up comedian delivering what was obviously not her best performance. (It is incredibly uncomfortable to be directly in front of a stand-up comedian who I don’t find […]

Developing Good Legal Writing Skills

Many (most?) legal documents, to a greater or lesser extent, are structured in a way that makes them less accessible to the reader and use language that is less precise and efficient than it might be, in particular language […]

Plain English for Lawyers

Should lawyers write in plain English? I think they should. Most of them think otherwise.

The fact is lawyers don’t write in plain English; they don’t like plain English. Plain is simple, they think simple is easy and no one […]

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6 Things You Can Do to Speed Up the Translation Process

Time is money. We all know that. However we are mostly unaware of the many things we do that waste lots of our time. Regarding translations, there are some things you, as a client, can do to help us, […]

Welcome to The TR Company’s Blog


There has never been a time when people could communicate and express themselves as instantly and as much as they can now. I am so happy we’ve created this space of our own where […]