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Make that move!

Mr. Perfect does not exist. And the time is never right.

What I am trying to say is that conditions are never perfect. We will always feel it is not the best moment to do something that scares us. “Someday” […]

Killer Talent – Killer Value

At The TR Company we provide professional services – translation and interpretation mainly, and also, from time to time, we offer training courses and seminars.

I’ve been running a professional service firm for over 15 years and have learned one […]

Our Guide to Hiring Translators

I am often asked by students, newly graduated translators and faculty members what factors influence how the hiring decision is made at a translation company like ours.


First of all, we clearly want to know if the applicant […]

110 Most Common Legal Terms Translated into Spanish

Although translations of specific terms always depend on and vary according to the context in which they are used, for a simple and quick reference, we have put together a list of 110 legal terms commonly used in different […]

Using a Bit of Spanish in Your Emails

Do you have Customers or Providers in Spanish-speaking countries? Spice up your emails with some useful words and phrases in Spanish!

Using Spanish in your written communications will be easier, although you can also give it a try over the […]

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