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How to Find and Hire a Translation Company (Part I)


Many people who don’t need translations regularly usually have no idea what it takes to find good, trustworthy professional help. Most start with their inner circle, hiring a friend’s daughter for instance, only to realize […]

What is a Certified Translation?

Translations can be divided following different criteria. For example, as explained in our previous article (“Who is who in a translation company?”), sometimes our clients are told that they need to get a certain document […]

A Day in the Life… of a Translation Company

Quality Control in a Translation Company (Part II)

In our last article, Quality Control in a Translation Company, we discussed a few of the parameters we use at The TR Company in order to determine whether a translation is good. It goes without […]

Quality Control in a Translation Company (Part I)

As we discussed in our previous article, How to Spot a Poor Translation (and Identify a Good One), there are many things a client takes into consideration when reading a translation and deciding whether it’s a quality […]