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Localization platforms

As you may recall from a previous post, we were looking at a somewhat particular kind of translation: localization (as part of what is known as globalization, generally of software or a website.) In fact, I had […]

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    What are localization, internationalization and globalization?

What are localization, internationalization and globalization?

Every day, companies doing business in different parts of the world look for ways to ensure that their products are well-adapted to their target audiences. And you have probably come across terms like localization, internationalization, and globalization. But do […]

How to Estimate Translation Cost and Turnaround Times

When a client needs to have a document translated, he or she will almost invariably ask the translation company for two things, i.e. a cost estimate and turnaround time.

In our previous post, [How Translators Determine Their Fees], […]

What’s The Difference Between…?